Dear Ayesgul, Saleem and Sajid.

Thank you very much for the donation of the 2 Glowstar units. I have received the 2 lamps last week and installed the system on Saturday 09/12/06. It was very simple to assamble and the girls at the orphanage were very excited about this new technology at their home. The lamps will make a big difference to them as there will always be light available for them and they will feel a lot more secure in their home.
Peter & Meriel Unger

As promised I am sending you images of the girls from Rachel's Development Programme with the new Glowstar Lanterns. Thank you once again for this wonderful donation and as you can see they are already in good use.

Before_Glowstar is an image of the girls in front of the kitchen with the Glowstars and packaging

Glowstar_wee_ones is the smallest girls reading books with the aid of the new Glowstar Lanterns

Glowstar_panels is the solar panels on top of the roof with the girls in the background near the entrance

Rachel's Development Programme