Thank you for the donation of two solar panels and Glowstar lanterns. They have made a significant positive impact on our programs in Kenya. We took one lantern to Bikeke (about 20 minutes outside of Kitale) to the OFDC supported Niaever Community Center and Health Clinic. The community center is the location of our education, health, and finance classes for women. Our health clinic has just opened and the lantern has already proved enormously helpful in enabling our Nurse to treat late night emergencies. All of the photos of the man and woman in the cement building and the cement buildings are at this location.

The second lantern was taken to the Narok Safe House for Girls. At this center girls who are escaping genital cutting, familial abuse, or who do not have money for secondary school are able to learn a trade. Some of the girls are able to continue on with schooling while boarding at the house. The photos of the girls studying and the metal buildings with the solar panel on the water catchment container were taken here. (The panel has since been secured on the roof.)

We really appreciate your donation.

Thank you!!

Janna Harrell, MS

Program Manager