We’re giving away ten Glowstars every month to worthy causes!

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Sollatek is pleased to announce that we will be donating ten Glowstars every month to a different charity organisation.

Our terms and conditions for claiming up to 10 Glowstar kits (see below what is covered in the kit) for your charity organisation are:

• The organisation should be a recognised charity and we will require a Registered charity number

• A description of the application of how our Glowstars will be used.

• Country/countries where the Glowstar will be used

• Sollatek provides the units on an Ex-work or FCA UK port basis. Any additional freight costs will be your responsibility

• Sollatek reserves the right to refuse an application.

• Consenting to allow us to use you organisation’s name & logo on a selected area on our web site listing all recipients of this donation.

• The units supplied will be covered by our 2 year warranty and we will repair or replace free of charge in case of manufacture defects as per the terms of our general warranty policy. The faulty units will have to be returned to Sollatek at your cost.

Sollatek would appreciate it if you could send us some photographs of the recipients using Glowstars.

If you think your charity organisation might help to deliver our Glowstars to those who are in need, then please fill in the application form below and send it to us.

This program is now closed as requests have been overwhelming and we are still processing requests back dated to middle of 2006.

Thank you for you interest and we ask you to check back regularly for updates.



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